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AI is increasingly similar to real photos
27.Nov.23 7:40 AM

Nearly 70 percent of fakes perceived as real dating profiles

Your headphones are knowing about your heart rate
30.Oct.23 7:05 AM

Measuring Heart Rate Using Ultrasonic Sound Waves with Existing ANC Wearables

John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms
02.Oct.23 5:49 PM

John McAfee's relatives will finally bury him now

OSIRIS-REx delivered Bennu asteroid material
25.Sep.23 5:49 AM

250 grams of dust and rocks is a triumph of a journey

Telegram is not that good at protecting your privacy
18.Sep.23 5:25 AM

The messenger developers do hand out your IP and telephone number, police reveals

YouTubers try to be TikTokers
04.Sep.23 2:48 PM

Shorter videos are a trend to hate or follow

The use of Violence Risk Assessment Tool has been suspended
28.Aug.23 6:04 AM

The police knows more about violence itself than databank can provide

Luna-25 crashed due to a wrong control impulse
21.Aug.23 6:02 AM

First Russian lunar probe after 47 years of idling was unable to land on moon

Cryptographically-augmented phones aren't as secure as criminals thought
14.Aug.23 7:44 AM

Dutch Forensic Institute cracks them in hundreds

China to limit screen exposure of minors
07.Aug.23 7:00 AM

The measure is an answer to debilitating influence the tech has on children

Musk holds Twitter event on AI with US politicians
12.Jul.23 6:29 PM

Maybe it's really a good idea to put AI on hold?

Two US authors try to sue Meta and ChatGPT over 'copyright issues'
12.Jul.23 3:50 PM

They argue that AI has definitely read their books

Cluster munition: banned by majority of countries in UN
11.Jul.23 7:11 PM
249 un-banned for convenience reasons

Finding Instagram Influencers by Location: Unleashing the Power of
30.Jun.23 6:08 PM

Local influencing campaigns are weapon of choice of the modern marketing

Находка: самый южный, самый дальний Восток России
23.May.23 9:51 PM

Почему город Находка должен стать отправной точкой вашего следующего путешествия?

Curiosity rover transmitted rare Martian phenomenon photos
13.Mar.23 7:47 AM

It's common on Earth though

Traces of water found on Mars
13.Feb.23 9:35 AM

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

ChatGPT designed its own AI detector
06.Feb.23 8:32 AM

Unlike ChatGPT itself is far from real use

Bill Nelson fears that China will claim the Moon
02.Jan.23 9:30 AM

It's somewhat against the UN convention and NASA chief knows it

EU isn't happy with a free speech on Twitter
05.Dec.22 9:11 AM

Thierry Breton insists, that the platform should 'continue to comply'