World News

Why Windows 11 Pro is slow as a snail?
23.Oct.23 10:37 AM

It seems that Microsoft employed BASIC at making the disk encryption

Google degrade: Pixel Watch is now charging longer
16.Oct.23 7:23 AM

Excessive thermal output is the likely case to lower the charging speed

The Parker Solar Probe is closer and closer to the sun
02.Oct.23 6:31 AM

It will ultimately reach closest point in December 2024

Apple will finally present an USB-C port model
04.Sep.23 2:55 PM

As if it is something out of this space

NASA found Russian failed LUNA-25 probe's crash site
03.Sep.23 7:08 AM

A 10-metres wide crater is what's left of the first attempt since 1976

Pioneering Educational Excellence: The Vision of Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova at Shoqan Walikhanov Private School
02.Sep.23 2:49 PM

Transforming Education: The Unveiling of Shoqan Walikhanov's State-of-the-Art School Building

NASA reestablishes communication with Voyager 2
05.Aug.23 7:42 AM

Voyager 2 continues its unimpeded journey

Storm-0558 hackers gained access to governmental email accounts
17.Jul.23 7:02 AM

The group is associated with China and targets US and its allies

India launched Chandrayaan-3 mission to the moon
15.Jul.23 7:13 AM

Deli wants to join the club of Moon landers

War of clones: Bluesky reports 300,000 new accounts in a week
12.Jul.23 4:17 PM

Twitter clones are nothing new, but will some of them survive for a year?

James Webb is ten times more effective at capturing lights than the Hubble
05.Jun.23 7:28 AM

Ultra Deep Field completed in 20 hours instead of 11 days

EC bureaucrats will have another job to do: to police Twitter
29.May.23 7:54 AM

Elon Musk has left the 'self-censorship' agreement with European Union

Netherlands evaluate 'Chinese threat', suspect China wants to steal aerospace secrets
21.Apr.23 12:30 PM
457 fly high with a coffee shop smoke

MSI has fallen victim to a ransomware attack
10.Apr.23 8:42 AM

Download BIOS updates only when really needed until the situation resolves

Half a century ago we've left the lunar ambitions behind
19.Dec.22 10:49 AM

Abandoning the bold space programs spared money, but not the humankind

China drills hole in Moon and discovers rare energy source
12.Sep.22 9:35 AM

He3 was found in the lunar crust

NASA postpones launch of SLS rocket for a second time
05.Sep.22 8:21 AM

Troubled project is meant to prove the US leadership

Apple pauses Telegram update due to the moving emojis
15.Aug.22 7:41 AM

The new Telegram feature annoyed Apple censorship

Google may become blocked in former parts of Ukraine
25.Jul.22 6:08 AM

Rebellious eastern provinces want to cut off Google

British army social media accounts advertised NFT scams
04.Jul.22 8:30 AM

For a short time Twitter and Youtube accounts of Her Majesty Army were under hacker's control