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Bitcomes emerges from sleep, strong and sober
04.Dec.23 8:55 AM

Here are some long-term positive factors

AI is increasingly similar to real photos
27.Nov.23 7:40 AM

Nearly 70 percent of fakes perceived as real dating profiles

Nothing Chats suspended after criticism
20.Nov.23 7:37 AM

The company behind the Android-iMessage bridge has to address some issues

New AMP APU's are announced: rumours and the launching date
13.Nov.23 8:36 AM

The evolving landscape of chip design promises exciting advancements in both performance and efficiency for the next wave of AMD APUs

Google to audit and mark secure VPN's
05.Nov.23 6:35 PM

VPN is supposed to make your connection more secure, but often they spy on users

Your headphones are knowing about your heart rate
30.Oct.23 7:05 AM

Measuring Heart Rate Using Ultrasonic Sound Waves with Existing ANC Wearables

Why Windows 11 Pro is slow as a snail?
23.Oct.23 10:37 AM

It seems that Microsoft employed BASIC at making the disk encryption

Google degrade: Pixel Watch is now charging longer
16.Oct.23 7:23 AM

Excessive thermal output is the likely case to lower the charging speed

Amazon Launches Project Kuiper's First Satellites launched to orbit
09.Oct.23 6:26 AM

KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2, were successfully launched from the spaceport in Florida

John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms
02.Oct.23 5:49 PM

John McAfee's relatives will finally bury him now

Apple gets another fine, goes to court
02.Oct.23 5:43 PM

The Dutch Consumer & Market Authority rejects Apple arguments, keeps fine at 50 million euro

The Parker Solar Probe is closer and closer to the sun
02.Oct.23 6:31 AM

It will ultimately reach closest point in December 2024

OSIRIS-REx delivered Bennu asteroid material
25.Sep.23 5:49 AM

250 grams of dust and rocks is a triumph of a journey

Telegram is not that good at protecting your privacy
18.Sep.23 5:25 AM

The messenger developers do hand out your IP and telephone number, police reveals

Big Tech files objections to designation as key service providers
11.Sep.23 7:03 AM

Microsoft and Apple want some of their service be exempt of Digital Market Act.