Editorial office Policy

We are not responsible for comments and responses on any news which are made by our users. Editorial office is also not responsible for the content of users’ comments.

You massage will be deleted in case it contains:

  • profanity;
  • insult or negative opinion regarding our editors and visitors of the website;
  • your comments have nothing in common with news (flood);
  • links to sided websites;
  • goods and service advertising, telephone numbers or addresses;
  • call to violence;
  • direct or indirect inciting ethnic hatred including infringement of users’ rights in accordance with their race, religion or nationality;
  • propaganda of racial, national or religious superiority;
  • call to break valid laws of United Kingdom.

Administration leaves the right to delete any massage or comment without any explanations.

All content which is available on INNOV portal is secured by Copyright and belongs to intellectual property of the company with exception of materials which belong to third parties, in case they are not in our editorial office.

Our editor have all rights to change all incoming materials without distorting the meaning and main idea of material. At the same time we may not approve any kind of material for its further publication without any reasons.

We contact authors and users of our portal anytime we need.

In case we reject invitations for press conferences or other meetings, it doesn’t mean that we do not respect or feel loyal about any your organization or other participants. Our correspondents are able to receive necessary information with the help of different sources.

Pay attention to the fact that editors’ opinion can be different from authors’ opinion.

Photos that we use may not always be from the scene.

That is why our editors try to pick up the most appropriate photo in accordance with news. This helps to make content interesting and easy for understanding for our users.

Please note, that source of photo is indicated in a special “Photo” line under the material provided by our correspondents.

Editorial office leaves a right not to provide background information.